Hotel Review—Hilton St.Louis At The Ballpark

The exterior of The Hilton t. Louis at the Ballpark

The exterior of The Hilton t. Louis at the Ballpark

It was a quick stay for me at the Hilton St. Louis at the Ballpark (October 2012), but I wished I had stayed longer. Named because of it’s close and focused view of Busch Stadium, this Hilton was staffed with incredibly friendly and courteous people. (The valets and bellmen were a pleasure to talk with.) My room was large, clean and didn’t have the after-scent of air freshener, a good sign the room was actually clean and not made to just smell clean. I had a view of the Arch, glowing in a giant copper bow from the lights below reflecting the highlights of its bend. My room was far enough up that I heard no noise below.

Market Street Bar

Market Street Bar

There were quite a few places to eat inside—Imo’s Pizza, Mike Shannon’s, even a Starbucks—but I opted for the Market Street Bar. There were tons of TVs from every angle of every seat. The appetizers in the Market Street Bar were definitely five-star (but I can’t say the same for the buffet breakfast. Still, you have to be a fool to get a buffet breakfast. Sure, it’s cheap, but people are slobs no matter how efficient and involved the staff are, and the Russian roulette you play with germs and sickness at any buffet means the odds are never in the diner’s favor. Besides, you just can’t beat a freshly made over-easy egg.) The layout of the Market Street Bar is highly conducive for mingling—I spent a couple hours talking with a woman and her daughter from Georgia.

The lobby is large and sweeping, with a few couches and chairs that make it a great place to people watch, but the entrance to the lobby is right behind this area, and when the cold air wants in, it gets in. This also serves as a small cocktail lounge, but after waiting 20 minutes for someone to serve me, I went to my room and ordered room service.

The Hilton St. Louis at the ballpark has a pool and a roof-top bar as well, neither of which I had time to visit. But if I ever get to St. Louis on my own again, I’ll definitely be staying there and I’ll spend more time exploring the place.

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