July 8, 2001—Day 4, Clyde, Ohio, to Chicago, Illinois

Leaving Clyde, Ohio, was a bittersweet. Although the town was clearly on the decline, there was something very likable, very American about it. The sky was overcast until 9 a.m. when the clouds dissipated, freeing the sun from any obstruction for the rest of the day.


July 8, 2001.

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Indianapolis Wants Me

The Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Monument of Indianapolis, Indiana.

The downtown of Indianapolis, Indiana, mirrors the center of Cleveland, Ohio. The cities are both anchored by a monument dedicated to soldiers and sailors and there are pockets of a thriving night-life. Indianapolis is only a stopping point, but after checking into the Conrad Hilton a block away from the roundabout encircling the Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Monument, I’m wishing I had more time here. Continue reading