Another Christmas Story

I was born in 1971, and my early Christmases are best remembered as times I convinced myself each year that I could eat an entire turkey leg, or when I tore open green wrapping paper to expose Star Wars figures while listening to my entire family fight from the moment they got out of bed to the time I went to bed. Today, I view Christmas as the only time I get to see my family and the only chance I have to watch A Christmas Story on loop for 24 hours. With the exception of my kid, I am the only other person in my family who loves this movie. So it was only natural I had to go visit the house that was used for the exterior shots in the movie while I was in Cleveland.

The house used for the exterior shots of “A Christmas Story.”

The house has been lovingly restored by a U.S. Navy man who loves the movie even more than I do. After his wife told him the house was for sale on ebay, he purchased the house and did a remodel with 100% period-specific details to bring the house back to its 1940’s roots.

There’s SO much more that this house offers, but I feel I’d be spoiling it if I wrote any more here. Some of the original cast members work at the house and the staff who run the tours offer a LOT of trivia about the house and the movie—stuff you won’t find on Web sites or on the DVDs.

For die-hard fans of A Christmas Story, the house and museum across the street are a must-visit for you. Information for visiting hours follows:

Physical Address of A Christmas Story House:
3159 W 11th St
Cleveland, OH 44109

Museum and Mailing Address:
A Christmas Story House
1103 Rowley Ave
Cleveland, OH 44109

 Web Site:

One thought on “Another Christmas Story

  1. The constant marathon of a “christmas story” was and still is a staple in my familys christmas to , so cool you got to see that any props or anything from the movie around the house ?

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