2012 Road Trip Revised

This has been a messy summer, and due to certain events, my 2012 road trip had to be put on hold. I will not only be delaying the trip, but I’ll be chopping it up into smaller routes that will be more manageable in terms of time. All of these mini-trips are a lead up to the finishing of my creative nonfiction novel, Dispatches to America. SO, I’ll be brave and layout the times for the future trips now and cross every appendage on my body that none of these plans change.

Downtown Clyde, Ohio, a few years before the publication of Winesburg, Ohio, by Sherwood Anderson.

This Labor Day weekend I’ll be heading into Ohio to revisit the town of Clyde, the inspiration for Sherwood Anderson’s Winesburg, Ohio.

The Blue Whale of Catoosa, Oklahoma on Route 66.

In the beginning of October I’ll be traveling the Missouri-to-Texas sections of Route 66.

One of the Grand Dames of Chicago, Illinois, The Drake Hotel, the building on the right.

Thanksgiving weekend will see dispatches from Chicago, Illinois.

Captiol Lunch in New Britain, Connecticut, God’s gift to the hotdog world.

And finally, for 2012, the Christmas season will see dispatches from Connecticut.

If anyone has an idea for a specific place I should visit on any of these trips, please leave me a comment.

Look for my first post the night of August, 31st.

And now, later.

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