Ten Years on Route 66

My first trip down Route 66 started in July of 2001. I traveled the Mother Road with my friend Kyle — his fictional name—who was also looking for a classic cross-country adventure. We were two guys on the open road with a crappy minivan and limited amounts of dough leaving Philadelphia in the middle of a typical swampy summer to see the sun set over the ocean. Kyle and I planned this trip about a year in advance and spent much of our time preparing by reading books about Route 66 and studying maps—I even dove into Kerouac’s On The Road. 

Our adventure was not typical. In fact, Kyle and I hit town after dying town in a pre-9/11 America, each small town celebrating it’s last hurrah before the World Trade Towers disintegrated to the ground and thousands of people died, followed by hundreds more who now suffer with the health affects of all that debris and pollution.

I spent another 10 years on the road, and this August I’ll be making my last trip to see what’s happened to all those microcosms of the States that make up our union. I’ll be heading east from Philly (via Amtrak) and my first stop will be Chicago, Illinois. From there I’ll head to Oklahoma City (via Amtrak) where I’ll meet up with Route 66 and then take her west —you always take her west—as far as Shamrock, Texas. I’ll then take 66 east as far as Carthage, Missouri. My return trip will take me back to Oklahoma City where I’ll be taking Amtrak home to Philadelphia, PA.

If anyone has ANY suggestions for places for me to stop and visit, eat at, or take photos, let me know here in the comments section. Love to see what you think is going on in America.

Oh… Almost forgot. I’ll be heading north from Philly into Kennebunk, Maine, to ready for my trip. My next post will be from there.  Looking forward to having you all follow me on my trip.

All the best to you!

Jimmy J.

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